Starting Over

My social media has been flooded with posts from past classmates visiting our old high school.  Only two weeks into college and I am reminded of my past at every swipe.  I have burned my bridges at my old high school the last few weeks as a senior were full of tears.  I lost many friends for reasons I am not entirely sure.  One thing I do know is I am better off without friends who speak poorly of me behind my back.  However, the drama did not stop with graduation.  My beginning of summer was flooded with tormenting texts and being forced into games that I did not wish to play.  Made to play a role I did not want to be, I was hurt.  Finally, it all ended and I was left with only a small circle of friends.

Still recovering from the hit I have started college.  My new school only has a few people from my past making it my opportunity to start over.  The clearing after a forest fire has potential to grow again using it’s ashes as fertilizer.  This is what I intend to do.  I am two weeks into my freshmen year of college I have made a few friends and joined some clubs.  I am learning quickly how classes work and how to stay on top of the work load.  I will not suffocate under the ashes I will grow again.

XOXO Moody


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